FD VI: Niraj Shah & Steven Conine of Wayfair November 8, 2011

Niraj Shah & Steven Conine, co-founders of  Wayfair (FKA CSN Stores) gave the Boston startup community an inside look into how a $500+ million home goods online retailer was born.  Niraj hit the nail on the head when he said that “Boston has a lot more going on than you would think, there are not enough self-promoters.”  FD VI told the story of these modest founders by showcasing Wayfair, whose success is anything but modest. 

Below you can learn about Niraj and Steve’s college-old friendship, their thought process while looking for a start-up opportunity (they even considered acquiring an ecommerce site for birdhouses), as well as their current successes. These guys are far from done with innovating, as Steve candidly shared, “we treat our business like a marathon, not a sprint.”  

We feel incredibly fortunate to have all these incredible founders join us for the Founder Dialogues event series.  We extend our gratitude to Niraj and Steve for sharing their story with us.  As always, thanks to returning and new participants.  We will be announcing the next speaker for the new year soon so stay tuned. 

Please enjoy a video and photographs capturing the event.

A special thanks to Tyler Magnin, VisibleGains and VentureFizz for producing the video of this event.  Dale Davidson kindly volunteered his time to capture the moments and photograph.  Also, a big thank you to Microsoft for providing the space for Founder Dialogues.