FD VII: Russ Wilcox of E Ink, January 23rd, 2012

Russ Wilcox took the Boston startup community through his long E Ink rollercoaster ride which ultimately led to an acquisition in 2009 by Prime View International for approximately $450M.  As the Co-Founder and CEO of E Ink, Russ helped revolutionize an industry.  E Ink’s technology powers the display for e-book devices such as Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and SONY Reader.

Russ’ impressive down-to-earth demeanor and intellectual honesty provided for a unique view into the lessons learned by a true entrepreneur.

We extend our gratitude to Russ for sharing his story with us and for understanding the importance of the Founder Dialogues event series.  We feel incredibly grateful to the Boston startup community for sharing our vision.  As always, thanks to returning and new participants.  We will be announcing the next speaker very soon, so stay tuned!

Please enjoy the video and photographs capturing the event.

[vimeo 75502641 w=500 h=281]

A special thanks to Greg Joyce of Willoughby Films for his video talents and impeccable professionalism.  We would also like to thank VisibleGains and VentureFizz for their continued support.  Ian Holmes kindly joined Nathalie Bishop to capture the moments and photograph.  Also, a big thank you to Microsoft for providing the space for Founder Dialogues.


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