Special Uber offer ($20 off) to Founder Dialogues X : Tomorrow 2/26

In celebration of the 10th Founder Dialogues event in the series, Founder Dialogues X is excited to offer $20 off a town car ride to our event for anyone who hasn’t tried Uber yet! Haven’t heard of Uber? No problem! Uber is an iPhone/Android app that lets you tag your location and summon a professional driver to your side within minutes. Once in the car, the driver will take you wherever you need to go. The fare is billed to your card, with no need to tip, so you don’t have to worry about handling cash. For Uber’s reliable service area, as well as a detailed breakdown of rates, check out http://www.uber.com/boston.

New users, to activate your $20 ride discount use the code “BosFounderDialogues”. Head into the app and enter the code when registering or or go to http://www.uber.com/go/bosfounderdialogues to sign up online!

If you have not registered for tomorrow’s Founder Dialogues X featuring Steve Papa, founder and former CEO of Endeca, please click here.

Please help us spread the word: tweet/ blog #fdialogues