FD X: Steve Papa of Endeca, February 26th, 2013

A special thank you to Endeca‘s founder and former CEO, Steve Papa, for sharing his fascinating founder journey with the Boston community.  

Steve provided the Founder Dialogues X crowd with a unique glimpse into his firsthand experience being immersed in a rapidly advancing technological ecosystem.  He founded the enterprise software company Endeca in 1999 and was its CEO until it was Oracle’s 6th largest acquisition ever on announcement in 2011. Endeca pioneered Guided Navigation, one of the leading search innovations of the decade, and made it an industry standard online. 

Endeca’s name stems from the definition “serendipitous discovery” which symbolizes Steve’s breakthrough realization that organizing data, much like merchandise organization in physical stores, could increase a company’s revenue by 30% or more.  In 2003, Walmart.com became powered by Endeca and the legitimacy of the company’s success became tangible.

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We hope you enjoy Steve’s story in the video capturing FD X along with the photos below.  Feel free to tweet any thoughts or comments using #fdialogues.